• We started shapes this week. They will be doing a lot of hands on activities with geo blocks. The students are still doing weekly time tests to practice their math facts.

The second graders do first in math weekly at school. It is a great site for the kids to use at home. Here is the link for First in Math. The students have their username and password in their blue folder. First in Math

Addition: Flashcards
Addition: Speed Grid
Addition: Make 10
Addition: Magic Math By Number
Addition: Magic Math
Addition: Movable Objects
Addition: Alien Game
Addition: Space Shuttle Launch
Addition: Monkey Apples
Addition: Tunnel Blaster
Addition: That Quiz
Addition: Math Fact Cafe


Subtraction: Balloon Pop
Subtraction: Minus Muncher
Subtraction: Flashcards
Subtraction: Soccer
Subtraction: That Quiz
Subtraction: Math Fact Cafe
Subtraction: Tunnel Blaster

Subtraction: Target Take Away